The Story of Yourkeyz

It was during a lunch when Riccardo first vented his frustration to Craig, about how there was no single technology platform he could use, to help him manage the sales process of his 350 houses he built each year. Through Craig’s experience of having created tech companies, during their second bottle of wine, they scoped out the idea of the platform through various sketches on napkins in the restaurant. Omar joined the team as he had extensive experience of property and understood the limitations of estate agents. Craig then involved Dan, whom he’s known in the tech world for ten years and also the co-founders in DanDan Digital, Ethan the UX Designer and Shaw the COO. So the management team of six individuals have enormous experience in the tech platform space.

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We believe the property buying and selling processes are antiquated, outdated and broken. Buying a new home consistently ranks as the number 1 most stressful experience in modern life, and for good reason. The process is convoluted, with an average of 8 stakeholders involved in every individual purchase, all pulling in different directions!

It's no surprise that 1 in 3 sales in the UK falls through!

We're going to change all of that. Yourkeyz is the first property platform to offer a full, end to end service, from offer to completion with all stakeholders feeding into the system and constant 'live' notifications and oversight.

Yourkeyz, the future of property is here.
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Craig has been founder of three companies that have created technology platforms, two of which have exited and Social Sync which is still growing;

Brainstorm, Last Second Tickets, Social Sync

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10 years experience within the financial compliance and legal industry.

Extensive knowledge of the property market and the operating models of Housing Associations and Estate Agencies

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An Architect, who's experience includes branding projects for Apple and Google. Currently Head of Sales and Marketing for three years at Shape, a developer building 300 new homes annually.

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22 years of technical/commerical software experience and has held the following CTO positions over the past 10 years:

HulloMail; E-Tale

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Operations Director

Shaw has been managing acquisition and retention campaigns across mobile and email with 5M+ reach for over half a decade. His previous project management experience and skills means he is well-positioned to handle complex operations.

Orange, ASOS and
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Creative Director

Previously a digital marketing manager for two mobile technology companies, this provided him with the understanding of how to connect with consumers via mobile devices. Ethan designs websites and works closely with the developer to implement.

MasterCard, EE Mobile & Tastecard.